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MVA is Australasia’s specialist, full-service mine and sub-surface ventilation engineering consultancy. We provide a highly professional, complete, one-stop service in:-

Sub-surface and mine ventilation
We offer a full range of services in the areas of ventilation design, airflow estimation, fan, duct and tunnel sizing; forcing, exhausting and overlap systems. This applies for both mining applications and civil projects.

Mine refrigeration and air-conditioning
Investigations of all cooling options for the workplace, ranging from the impact of increased airflow, through to the full range of refrigeration solutions, including bulk air cooling on surface or underground, “spot” self-contained refrigeration plants at the workplace, and chilled service water.

Working in heat protocols and heat illness
Development of appropriate working-in-heat protocols (heat management plans) designed to provide safe and healthy workplaces without necessarily introducing costly refrigeration.

Dusts and mine gases, diesel fumes and particulates
Estimates of airflows required to dilute contaminates to safe levels; ventilation design of dust or fume extraction and control systems.

Emergency escape (egress and entrapment) systems and planning
Risk assessments in the areas of emergency escape (egress), entrapment, survival times and planning.

Training courses and seminars
Conducting training seminars and workshops for managers, supervisors, technicians or the workforce in any of the above areas.

Most of our courses are accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework through the Faculty of Energy and Mines at the Central Qld Institute of TAFE.

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Besides underground mines, we also provide practical support for civil projects (tunnel construction ventilation etc) and above-ground work environments with related needs.

NOTE: We do not sell ventilation plant or equipment (fans, duct, refuge chambers, ventilation controls, cooling equipment, etc). For a list of potential suppliers, see our links page.

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