Consulting Services

Ventilation Design including Mine Cooling and Heating

  • Estimating of air quantities during mine life
  • Ventilation Network analysis, including pressures, volumes, temperatures and humidity
  • Economic shaft and development sizes
    Fan and Refrigeration solutions
    Selection of appropriate ventilation standards to meet your sub-surface conditions
  • Evaluation of working conditions (temperatures, gas concentrations, productivity, illumination, noise, ergonomics)
  • Feasibility and Due Diligence studies; preparing capital and operating cost estimates
  • Cost optimisation of technical solutions based on your financial criteria
    Cost reduction opportunities

Mine Fire Modelling

  • Examining egress and entrapment issues and impacts of underground mine fires via modelling

Ventilation Audits, Statutory Compliance, Other Submissions

  • Statutory audits, Duty of Care audits, Due diligence studies
  • Cost audits
  • Risk Assessments and Engineering/Human factors design
  • Approvals, Exemptions, Submissions to Regulators or others
  • Note: the regulatory framework in Australia is changing! For information on how these changes will affect ventilation in mines, refer to these documents:
    – Key ventilation requirements in new national WH&S mining regulations
    – Underground Ventilation national draft Code  of Practice
    – Statutory position of ventilation officer and Boards of examiners

Working In Heat Protocols

Developing Safe, Healthy and Productive working conditions

Emergency Escape (Egress) Planning and Systems

  • Risk Assessments
  • Expert advice on entrapment and escape design
  • Integrated Emergency Systems and Procedures

Ventilation Plant and Equipment

  • Equipment Design: fans, refrigeration systems
  • Tender specifications, Tender evaluation

Plant Performance and Acceptance Testing

Outsourcing of Day-To-Day Ventilation Design

  • Day-to-day advice on heat, dust, diesel fumes and other problems
  • Maintenance of ventilation network; advice on forthcoming ventilation changes, controls, fans, Ventilation planning
  • Advice on future requirements, including equipment
  • Fault-finding, Problem solving
    Providing temporary support for ventilation design such as when on-site staff are on leave

Education, Seminars, Training

  • Seminars or training courses on working in heat, egress or Occupational health and safety topics for managers, supervisors, workers, safety and health committees or engineers.
  • Ventilation training for engineers and ventilation officers
  • Writing training material